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( Apr. 17th, 2007 03:49 am)
I created a new journal just for Metal!verse fics. All the old stories are there in order, and it'll be the dumping ground for any new ones from either myself or [personal profile] chibi_trillian. And there will be new ones. The dry spell of computerless-ness produced a lot of plotbunnies for that thing.

So head on over to [profile] metalverse_ficfor a good time. If you friend it, it'll friend you back. Then it'll clean out your fridge and leave a mess in your living room.
Here Chibi...hope you're happy. 

Title: The Advent Of An Era. (I hate titles)
Rating: R. Big Fat R.
Pairing: Kaya/Usopp (HET! HOLY SHIT!)
Word Count: 332
A/N: Metal!Verse. I so want to marry this woman someday.

Now she has to post her drabble, as per part of the bargain. Ha. XD

For [personal profile] chibi_trillian, as always. Hope this makes you smile. 

Title: Nature Is Brutal
Rating: R
Pairing: SanjixZoro, Gin ~> Sanji, hints of...several other pairings XD
Word Count: 2,652 (whew!)
X-posted at [profile] onepieceyaoi



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( Feb. 2nd, 2007 11:18 pm)
Chibi made the request, so I complied. ^_^

Title: Urban Legend (Metal!verse)
Pairing: SanZo, Chopper
Rating: PG-15 to play it safe. 
Word Count: 415


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