Riiight. I got HARDCORE sick yesterday (just like everyone else around here it seems), I think it was some sort of stomach flu deal. I was reminded how much I absolutely HATE vomiting. And poor [profile] alucardbluestepped in a little of it by accident before I could warn him. Today I can at least keep crackers and ginger ale down, and the awful chest pains have dulled. Breathing is good!

In happier news, got an e-mail from my Katsucon artist. He finished my comission of Meta! and Neo! Fred, I'll be getting it in the mail in a couple days. Meanwhile, here is a link for those who'd like to take a gander. I'm very happy with it, I think he did a fantastic job! He really brought out the sense of them being two parts of one entity. It's awesome. And he gave her freckles. Random, but not bad.

What else...oh, a very happy birthday to [profile] yuki_kokoro! Hope you have an awesome day!

And now to finish the interview meme questions [profile] fffshuuu gave me Sunday. Sorry about the wait dear. ^_^



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