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( Jun. 22nd, 2005 02:51 am)

Right then. I'm back from outer space (also known as New Jersey) and am ready to hit you with con report goodness. Well, it least part one of four, anyway. I was in New Jersey to attend AnimeNext. I was invited to be part of a concert up there and my two friends [ profile] tarvosio  and [ profile] desyhand  were kind enough to keep me company.

In other news: Batman Begins was droolworthy goodness. I have to stare at Orlando Bloom's nipples of the future at work and it scares me. I have four new pieces of Gackt swag (a music magazine, his Cube single, stickers, and a necklace with two of his guitar picks) and I am a happy plotbunny. Happy 22nd birthday to me. I finally got UMBC to stop bullying me, so I'm all registered for my class. Huzzah.


Con Report! Part One: Thursday, or We're In New Jersey! )



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