Respond to this post and I will give you the three words I think MOST accurately describe you.

Oh, and Em? To answer your question I will say yes. I might have to get another room because a lot of folks are going, but for now the answer is yes.
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This year, taxpayers will receive an Economic Stimulus Payment. This is a very exciting new program that I will explain using the Q and A



Q. What is an Economic Stimulus Payment?

A. It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers.


Q. Where will the government get this money?

A. From taxpayers.


Q. So the government is giving me back my own money?

A. Only a smidgen.


Q. What is the purpose of this payment?

A. The plan is that you will use the money to purchase a

high-definition TV set, thus stimulating the economy.


Q. But isn't that stimulating the economy of China ?

A. Shut up.

Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and Barack Obama. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa.

What makes this more awesome is that Obama is actually a fan of this song and has his own dorky little dance that he does to it. <333

(what the hell is wrong with me idk. But I'm getting Obama trading caaaards!)

In dishonor of Blago being voted out of office (59-0!! TWICE!!) [ profile] jadore_histoire  wrote a wonderful piece imagining what we might see in the future:

Read more... )
Yes kids, it's Obama and the Clintons, anime style.

You know you're famous when, right?

A man approaches a police officer near the White House a couple of days after Obama's inauguration.

"Where are you going, sir?"
"I want to speak to President Bush."
"I'm sorry, sir; President Bush is no longer here."

The guy goes away, and the next day, the same thing -

"I remember you. What do you want now?"
"I want to speak to President Bush."
"Sir, I told you yesterday; President Bush is no longer here."

And again, on the third day, the guy shows up. The policeman is understandably irked:

"Where are you going now, sir?"
"I want to speak to President Bush."
"What is wrong with you, man? I told you yesterday and the day before that - President Bush is no longer here."
"I know, but it just feels so good to hear you say it..."
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 01:10 pm)
Stolen from [ profile] chibi_trillian 

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me. It will be about or tailored to those five lucky "victims."

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
- What I create will be just for you.
- It'll be done this year.
- You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be fic. It may be poetry. I may draw or paint something. I may bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you have to put this in your journal as well, if you expect me to do something for you!
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( Jan. 13th, 2009 04:46 pm)

Saw this and thought of you Rey.

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( Jan. 8th, 2009 09:34 am)

President Bush inherited a peaceful, prosperous America. As he exits, Salon consults experts in seven fields to try to assess the devastation.

By Vincent Rossmeier and Gabriel Winant
Jan. 8, 2009 | After a couple of presidential terms, mismanagement in every area of policy -- foreign, domestic, even extraterrestrial -- starts to add up. When George W. Bush entered the White House in January 2001, he inherited peace and prosperity. The military, the Constitution and New Orleans were intact and the country had a budget surplus of $128 billion. Now he's about to dash out the door, leaving a large, unpaid bill for his successors to pay.

To get a sense of what kind of balance is due, Salon spoke to experts in seven different fields. Wherever possible, we have tried to express the damage done in concrete terms -- sometimes in lives lost, but most often just in money spent and dollars owed. What follows is an incomplete inventory of eight years of mis- and malfeasance, but then a fuller accounting would run, um, somewhat longer than three pages.

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( Dec. 17th, 2008 05:26 pm)

This dude was a ballerina. He has Mafia-like tendancies and intimidates the shit out of pollsters. Might become a fangirl.

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( Dec. 17th, 2008 03:38 pm)

Hoping this brings a bit of a smile to your faces ^_^.

"Among the Obamas favorite places to eat in their hometown of Chicago are Topolobampo, RJ Grunts, Sepia, Spiaggia (pictured), Italian Fiesta Pizzeria, Valois Cafeteria and MacArthur's.

The Obamas plan to bring the chef of Italian Fiesta Pizzeria to Washington to make pizza for the inauguration."

(Source: Chicago Sun Times,

...still not Rachel Ray. And I'm glad. Humph.
ETA: JUST FOR YOU [ profile] vejiicakes 

Barack: Loves chili, Mexican food and pizza, especially from Italian Fiesta Pizzeria in Chicago. Also likes vegetables, especially broccoli and spinach and dislikes beets.


Michelle: In addition to Mexican food she loves macaroni & cheese and french fries.

Obama Kids: Fried chicken and macaroni & cheese

Barack's Favorite Snacks

Planters Trail Mix: Nuts, Seeds & Raisins
Roasted Almonds
MET-Rx chocolate roasted peanut protein bars

Salt and vinegar potato chips

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( Dec. 5th, 2008 08:23 am)

This touching piece written by Merlin Missy.

"This is fandom. Aside from the squeeing, aside from the flamewars, 'shipwars, and FK wars (don't ask), it's about forming a community. It's about making friends with people you'd otherwise never even meet, and becoming as close to them as your family. Closer, in some cases. Over the weekend, while we were waiting for word on her condition, I got to tell my mother-in-law the story of how Jerry Lewis helped Abby get her ears pierced. I could just as easily told her the story of The Tragic Deaths of Seanan's and Sharon's Crockpot Lids, or The Crazy/Stupid Things My (Easily-Embarrassed) Friend B's Adult Son Has Done, or The Difficult Pregnancy Tango as performed by another friend I've never met (and yet who offered to pick me up from the airport last year when my father was in the hospital and I was looking at an emergency visit back home). Being fannish is one thing. We're good at that. We've been obsessing about our shows and movies and books for years, most of us long before we ever met a kindred soul who said those magic words, "OMG, you like that too?" But it's that second moment which lasts. It's the relationships we build from the most tenuous stuff, and how we keep building them, and shore up the old ones with jokes and stories and shared experiences and comfort even from far away. These are the things that matter, whether they're held in common with your best friend from high school, or with this wonderful fan who lives two thousand miles away but shares in every way your deep and abiding belief that Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher should be shagging like weasels. (Please choose your own favorite couple to be shagging like weasels.)

I have a friend in Texas who has bumped into my fandoms for over ten years, whom I've never met in the real world, but I can tell you all about her dog's health issues and her son's problems in school.

I have another whom I got to meet once, thirteen years ago while we were both still in the throes of Next Gen fallout, but I know the details of her life each day, and how her wedding plans are proceeding, and what she's done with her hair this week. I've met the editor of this website, my lovely boss, exactly twice: once at a convention, once for lunch when I was in her town visiting extended family. But I can tell you all about the goings-on with her dogs and her goats and the new garden she started, without once mentioning the fandoms we share.


People I've never met have followed tales of my kids, from when I found out the first was on the way, through her first day of first grade, and every scary visit to the ER in-between. One of the places Abby and I overlapped was in our annoyance at people who opposed disability funding and research, more a theoretical for me than for her until Sprog #2 started showing delays. There too came support: from the friend in Texas and her own background with her son's issues; from another never-met friend, found in Justice League fandom and an absolute sweetheart, who's an adult with the same diagnosis; from yet another wonderful never-met friend in Boston (who sends good fruitcake to people she's met online, and who sent a card when I had the flu, and who writes gorgeous DC and LotR 'fics about things she wants to read and to hell with what's popular this week) and her lovely constructed family who are dealing with the same things.

And yes, we geek about our shows. Of course we do. That's why we came. In-between exchanging recipes and photos and memes, we're debating the finer points of race issues and feminism in shows created and written in other countries and trying to interlace the social histories of multiple continents in order to ask ourselves the age-old question: can I love this series and still respect myself in the morning? In the many cases where the answer is "No," we call it a guilty pleasure and watch anyway. And we tell each other jokes about it, and we write silly fanfics, and we create funky fanvids, and when the next show comes along that's a little better, we drag our friends in with us so we're not alone.

Fandom's about not being alone anymore. Maybe you started as a fan-inna-box, two hundred miles from the nearest con and farther still to the nearest fan, but you came here to find friends, and to share your squee, and to create things together, and to say, "I was here, and I loved this thing, and these are the people who will remember me." Maybe they'll remember you for that fanfic where you had all the characters doing a kickline, and maybe they'll remember that filk you did to "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," and maybe they'll recall with a smile the weird in-depth meta you did on the time-travel episode, and maybe they'll remember the vid you did of the dancing penguins, but mostly, the good friends will remember the other things you did and talked about, your pets and your family and that trip you dreamed of and that crazy prank you pulled on your boss and that time you dyed your hair blue. Even if you never met in the real world, the way the mundanes would say you define a friend, they'll remember."

Tanya Bricking Leash of the Associated Press did an interview with eight top name chefs recently where she asked them to write an imaginary menu for President Obama's Inaugural dinner.

For a foodie like me it was a joy to read. Obama apparently has a yen for Mexican food (the Head Chef of his favorite restaurant, Topolobampo in Chicago, is rumored to be keeping the week of the inauguration clear in case he is chosen to cook for the historic event), and he is also an advocate for healthy food.

On that end, a few of the chefs made suggestions that cater to healthy living without sacrificing style and taste:
  • Charlie Palmer (chef and owner of the Charlie Palmer Steak restaurant) "would include bison steak, which is lighter than beef; a side dish of a nutty risotto; and an exceptional wine, such as a Rochioli pinot noir."
  • Charlie Trotter of Chicago would "pay tribute to some of Obama's favorite foods, but also honor some healthy Midwestern dishes, such as white fish and salmon from Lake Superior; as well as root vegetables, kale, collard greens and potato dishes."
  • Andrew Zimmern (host of Travel channel's "Bizzare Food") would prepare "roasted baby goat with tortillas and salsa, and sides of braised greens and roasted vegetables. And he would source his ingredients from around the country, a way of raising awareness about native and sustainable foods."

Other chefs would sacrifice calorie counting to elevate the feel of elegance and luxury:
  • Eric Ripert (of "Top Chef" fame) would "highlight different regions of the country by offering prawns from Santa Barbara, Calif.; scallop chowder from Nantucket Bay and stuffed quail with Wisconsin cheddar grits."
  • Alan Wong of Honolulu would make a nod to Obama's childhood by serving "seafood salad "pupus" (Hawaiian for appetizers),...Maui beef filet with mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes mixed with goat cheese. For dessert, he'd fill shells of Hawaiian chocolate with coconut sorbet.
  • Daniel Young, who cooked for the Democratic National Convention, would create "a seafood consomme paired with a pinot grigio, followed by pastry-wrapped organic vegetables laced with black truffles and Bon Champignon Brie served on sweet pepper coulis and paired with crisp sauvignon blanc.That would be followed by chilled Washington state greens with seared hearts of palm, broiled with honey-glazed apples and topped with a tangy balsamic wild berry dressing and a Camembert crostini. His main course would be an herb-crusted grass-fed tenderloin on a bed of hay-stacked potatoes, mini Maryland blue crab cakes and carrot-broccoli mousseline paired with a Napa Valley merlot."
As I'm reading all this, drooling a bit and overflowing with joy in my little chefie heart, what do my eyes fall upon?

This atrocity:  "[Rachael RayThe queen of 30-minute meals says that with the way the economy is hurting, she'd want to keep things casual. She'd start by ditching the traditional formal dinner and serving party food, instead.
'I'd have sliders,' she says. 'What's more American than a hamburger?' Ray would make miniature versions of burgers topped with things like blue cheese and arugula or honey-mustard cream sauce. She'd also make little Chicago-style hot dogs, deviled eggs and all kinds of things you can eat in two bites.
'Casual food makes you smile and puts you at ease,' and that, she says, is what this country needs

I really don't know where to even begin with this one folks. This is only one of the most important formal events held in our country. Not only that, but this particular inauguration is one that will be noted and studied as one of the greatest and most culturally significant presidential events in HISTORY...

And this chick acts like it's a trumped up bar-be-que. Christ almighty. WHAT KINDA KOOL-AID YOU GONNA SERVE WITH THAT MENU, SWEETHEART JONESTOWN FLAVOR?!

Seasoned main character in search of arch-nemesis for late-night battles and epic story arcs.

Are you at least a mid-level boss with a frayed moral fiber, a sharp sense of wit and an intermediate understanding of the occult/mechanics. Sense of humor a plus, but no comic relief villains please.

You must be able to provide your own minions, but they are not required. Unresolved sexual tension expressed via simmering hatred ok.

If interested, e-mail your resume to

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The Rules:
1. Answer each of the questions below using the Flickr Search engine.
2. Choose a photo from the first three pages.
3. Copy the URL of your favorite photo into this site:
4. Save mosaic to some form of photo hosting thing and share w/world.

Fun photo time! )

51,047 bay-bee. Whut.

Oh and because everyone else did:
Your rainbow is strongly shaded red and violet.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it.

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