plotbunnytiff: Serenity (squee)
( Apr. 5th, 2009 01:30 pm)
I'm really excited today!

1) Tonight is the premiere of the second "season" of my Castles and Crusades game. In "season one" I played a princess on a quest to save her kingdom from an evil DeathKnight and the villains controling him.  This go round I play a well meaning but socially dense Lawful-Good fighter ( a vast difference from the usual Chaotic Good-ish or Lawful Neutral socially-dominant characters I tend to play). I can't wait to get started, this is a good group and the DM has over a decade of experience. It's also a weird sausage festival; every player (including myself) is playing a male, even though my group is 80% women. They are also mostly fighter characters with the exception of our ranger, Ghost (who is a walking aresenal) and our wizard, Nick...but he likes setting things on fire.

2) I found a fun and super-easy fighting game thanks to chibi_trillian. Wanna throw down? Go here:



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