Had day one of real training yesterday. I dont know why I thought I could do this. I'm going to quit while I'm ahead, before I fail and make a fool of myself.

Tina will support me until I can write and sell my book. I'll write about a werewolf with eyes like the night (constellations and everything!) and a plain but secretly beautiful Latino girl in a wheelchair and their impossible love. It'll sell, I'm sure.

*sigh* I had such high hopes for this job.

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:::smothers you with snuggles::: do you want to chat about it? PM me anytime. breathe. breathe. you have friends. <3

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(Oh now I feel bad. Thank you sweetheart, but this is just my annual 04/01 prank post. Everything is fine. ILU. *superhuggle* )

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Have i mentioned today how much I hate april fool's? Oh yeah, I did.

What's funny is, I knew the book idea was just you being silly, but i figured you were just making light of things.

:goes off into gullible corner to sit on gullible couch and sulk:

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OMG, that's my book idea...you totally stole it from me, you shameless hussy! Did you copy the part where they have half-werewolf half-werecat babies that are born under a new moon and can see ghosts too?!?!

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I'm sorry! Why can't we write this together, hmm? We'll be like Prachett and Gaiman; it'll sell more than Meyers and Rowling put together times five! C'mon. You know you wanna. *tempt tempt*

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Tee hee.


Yes we do. I'm taking y'all to dinner the first time I get paid. It'll be awesome!

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I can't possibly support you, having lost my job myself! ;_; Of course, the entire state's going to hell in a handbasket with me, so all is not lost.

Man, somebody fell for my post too. I thought the whole "not assessing income taxes" part was a dead giveaway--the State never quits taking your money. EVER.

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................ AUGH. THIS HOLIDAY. XD

I'd so totally buy that book.