Steele threw red meat out there for the conservative audience, saying the Obama administration is moving the country toward "Americanized socialism." And that they are "socializing" through a "Marxist mechanism."


He rollickingly refuted the existence of global warming. And as evidence, he uses Greenland, which "was once called Greenland for a reason, right?"

"We are cooling," Steele insisted. "We are not warming. The warming you see out there, the supposed warming, and I use my fingers as quotation marks, is part of the cooling process. Greenland, which is covered in ice, it was once called Greenland for a reason, right? Iceland, which is now green. Oh I love this. Like we know what this planet is all about. How long have we been here? How long? Not very long."

He also got the first name wrong of Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, calling him "Roberto."

-Via NBC

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...Somebody fell asleep in 4th grade history/geography.

He was probably too busy thinking about puppies.

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Man that's just sad. Even I know why Greenland was named Greenland-- and it was NOT because it was once green. Oi.

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.....seriously, WTF. Greenland is the first known historical example of fraudulent advertising.

Also? Greenland's actually turning green. Large portions of the Greenland ice sheet are melting at unprecedented speeds. XD

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And if you believe this guy, I'e got some pork for you. Go on, try it. It's kosher.


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