Dragon Con founder Ed Kramer is suing the current director of Atlanta’s annual sci-fi/fantasy convention for allegedly shortchanging him on stock proceeds.


In the suit, filed in Fulton Superior Court, Kramer accuses Dragon Con president Robert Patrick Henry of misspending company funds on Las Vegas boondoggles and hiring unqualified family members.

Kramer also accuses Henry of hiding company financial records to trick him into selling his majority stake in Dragon Con for less than its worth. “Pat Henry initiated an aggressive, coercive, and nepotistic campaign,” the suit states, “to wrest control of the company away from its shareholders.”

Henry could not be immediately reached for comment. Kramer’s attorney, McNeill Stokes, refused to comment.

The civil case coincides with Kramer’s pending criminal trial on charges he molested three teenaged boys. The case, which began with Kramer’s arrest in August 2000, has been repeatedly delayed because of Kramer’s chronic health issues.

Kramer, 47, suffers from severe spinal cord injuries that affect his ability to breathe and make it difficult for him to stay alert. His doctor has said Kramer can only stay in court for two hours at a time.

Nevertheless Kramer is demanding a jury trial in the civil case, which, if granted, could prolong it.

Kramer founded Dragon Con in 1986. The first convention was held the following year at the Piedmont Plaza Hotel. The event attracted 1,400 people.

Since then, Dragon Con’s legions of impersonating Imperial storm troopers, Star Trek officers, orcs and double hair-bunned princesses have hit warp drive.

The 2008 event in downtown Atlanta drew more than 30,000 people, according to Dragon Con.

Kramer accuses Henry of underreporting attendance figures at past conventions to keep Atlanta’s fire marshall from materializing at the events.

According to the lawsuit, Kramer hired private investigators to stake out the 2008 convention. They counted more than 41,000 in attendance.

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