News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch apologizes for the “chimp” cartoon…

“It was not meant to be racist, but unfortunately, it was interpreted by many as such. I promise you that we will seek to be more attuned to the sensitivities of our community.”

…ushering in a new era at the New York Post

The scene: Editor Col Allen’s office. Allen is meeting with editorial cartoonist Sean Delonas to choose a cartoon for the next day’s paper.

Allen: Alright, tell me about this first one.

Delonas: This is about how Obama’s naivete in the midst of a dangerous world eventually will imperil our country. In the cartoon, Obama is an innocent little bunny entering a dark jungle filled with Muslims, socialists and abortionists.

Allen: OK, that’s good. Next.

Delonas: Well, as you know, Obama’s stimulus plan rewards deadbeats and punishes our nation’s wealth generators. This cartoon shows Obama aggressively sticking it to America’s entrepreneurial heroes with a “stimulus spear” that he’s hurling at Wall Street.

Allen: So Obama’s chucking a spear at rich people.

Delonas: Correct.

Allen: I like that. What’s this last one?

Delonas: This is meant to illustrate Obama’s well-known lack of respect for the Oval Office. He’s not wearing a suit jacket, plus he’s leaning back on his chair, feet up on the desk, eating greasy fried chicken and washing it down with malt liquor.

Allen: Who’s the ugly broad giving him a shoulder massage?

Delonas: That’s Nancy Pelosi.

Allen: (sighs) You know, I usually love your work, but this one’s just…it’s just wrong!

Delonas: What do you mean?

Allen: You gotta have the broad show more cleavage. Make her look younger. And more white.

Delonas: Done. So which one you wanna run tomorrow?

Allen: Let’s go with “bunny in the jungle.”

Delonas: Scrap the others?

Allen: No, we can use ‘em all in the next few days. The liberals will hate them, but at least no one can say we’re racially insensitive.

Delonas: Absolutely friggin’ right!

– Bonedaddy King

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